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We believe that health and wellbeing should be at the heart of every early years organisation

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Cambridge Childhood Partnership are finalists for the Health and Wellbeing Award at the Nursery World Awards 2018.

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Become a member of the PANCo network of Physical Activity and Nutrition students and trained coordinators (PANCos) to share, learn and connect.

Our Mission

To champion health and wellbeing in the early years – We believe that health and wellbeing should be at the heart of every early years organisation and that practitioners should have access to on- demand evidence based, innovative wellbeing training and resources. We believe that to succeed together we need to learn together. We’ve gone beyond traditional education models to create a wellbeing hub to enable people to connect, share and collaborate. Our goal is to champion this dynamism across our sector and beyond.

Training & Events

Access innovative eLearning, diagnostics and practical toolkits to support you and your team.

Train the Trainer Event

Promoting Health and Well-being through Physical Activity and Nutrition co-ordinator (PANCo) in the Early Years.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018

The PANCo Programme

Gain valuable CPD in early years nutrition and physical activity.


“Becoming a PANCo has really given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be able to support and motivate my team. We have already started to implement new ideas around nutrition and physical activity into practice.”

Nicole, Supervisor, Cambridgeshire

“Having our own PANCo has really helped us to support not only the Health and wellbeing of the children but also the parents and staff within our nursery – this isn’t just about the everyday care of children but more about researching and implementing new initiatives.”

Jane, Nursery Manager, Suffolk

“Our practitioners are so much more confident since I’ve been doing dance and yoga workshops with them, they are now incredibly enthusiastic about delivering loads more physical activity to children.”

Anya, Student PANCo, Essex

Qualified PANCos

PANCo Network Members

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