What is a PANCo?

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator (PANCo) is a named and qualified member of staff who leads on health and wellbeing and champions best practice within an early years setting.

Who is the PANCo role suitable for?
  • Learners aged 18 and over, who are currently employed as early years Level 3 practitioners.
  • Learners who are looking to develop leadership and specialist skills for use in their current role, or in preparation to take on a specialist role such as a Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator.
  • Learners who want to progress to further learning to take on a position of leadership within the setting.
What does the role of a PANCo involve?

Providing and applying knowledge and skills to lead and support positive change within the setting.

  • Contributing to information for Ofsted through Early Year Foundation Stage.
  • Liaising with external health and education professionals i.e. Health Visitors/Dietitian/ EYFS assessors
  • Providing advice and information for parents and carers and sign posting to resources and external support
  • Supporting the development and provision of evidence based and current information about nutrition and physical activity for staff, children and families
  • Applying knowledge of national recommended guidelines for nutrition and physical activity and ability to work collaboratively with other to lead change to enable best practice guidelines to be met
  • Demonstrating leadership skills
  • Implementing and leading change through assessment of current practice, planning and evaluation.
    Championing and modelling of best practice.


Is the PANCo an accredited qualification?

Yes it is a nationally accredited and recognised Level 4 Certificate. EYAP2: Promoting health and well-being through physical activity and nutrition co-ordination (PANCo), is part of the Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner 601/8424/3. The unit is a prerequisite to being a qualified PANCo within the setting.

This qualification is a good choice for you if you are looking to progress to become an Advanced Practitioner within the early years workforce. The Advanced Practitioner will use crucial leadership skills to mentor others across all roles and responsibilities in the early years workforce.


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Is it possible to do just the PANCo unit (EYAP2)?

Yes in order to become a PANCo employees do not have to have undertaken the full qualification. The individual unit will be available to do via e-learning from summer 2017.


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What is the cost of having a qualified PANCo?

The cost of the Level 4 Certificate is determined by the local college so please contact them directly to enquire. For details of your local colleges delivering the qualification


Details of your local colleges

What are the benefits of having a PANCo in my setting?

PANCos’ act as health and wellbeing mentors providing guidance, support and consistent and evidence based messages to support children and families and staff to achieve the most positive health and wellbeing outcomes. The PANCo leads a whole setting approach to healthy living that supports the prime areas of the EYFS providing valuable evidence for Ofsted.

Why join the PANCo network?
  • It’s free
  • Access to a national network of existing PANCos’
  • Access to continued professional development opportunities *
  • Link to case studies and examples of good practice and new ideas
  • Subsidised fees to PANCo conference
  • Regular updates, research and news to support the PANCo role
  • Access to PANCo Quality Framework – coming soon*
How can I join the PANCo Network?

To sign up please fill in the form on the Join the Network page where you can tell us a little more about yourself which will help us understand your own interests and priorities.


Join the PANCo Network

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