What is a PANCo?

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator (PANCo) is a new role for Early Years Staff. The PANCo champions best practice in physical activity and nutrition and acts as the agent for change. They lead positive change to ensure an environment and ethos that supports the prevention of obesity and health and wellbeing of children, families, and staff.

What does the role involve?

  • Practical application of knowledge and skills to lead and support positive change within the setting
  • Contribution of information to Ofsted through Early Year Foundation Stage
  • Liaison with external Health and Education professionals i.e. Health Visitors/ dietician/ Early Years Foundation Stage Assessors
  • Providing advice and information for parents and carers – sign posting to external Health professionals
  • Supporting development and provision of evidence based and current information about nutrition and physical activity for staff, children and families
  • Knowledge of national recommended guidelines for nutrition and physical activity and ability to work collaboratively with other to lead change to enable best practice guidelines to be met
  • Demonstrating leadership skills
  • Appreciate the importance of assessing, planning and evaluating current practice
  • Role-modelling of best practice

How can I become a PANCo?

You must have achieved the nationally accredited and recognised Level 4 Certificate. EYAP2: Promoting health and well-being through physical activity and nutrition co-ordination (PANCo), is part of the Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner 601/8424/3.

Why join the PANCo network?

  • It’s free
  • Access to a national network of existing PANCos’
  • Access to continued professional development opportunities *
  • Link to case studies and examples of good practice and new ideas
  • Subsidised fees to PANCo conference
  • Regular updates, research and news to support the PANCo role
  • Access to PANCo Quality Framework – coming soon*



Benefits of having a PANCo

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