What a wonderful night celebrating the brightest and the best in Early Years sector. It felt as if we were at the Oscars waiting with baited breathe for the results, fingers crossed that we had won and the disbelief and shock when we heard our names read out. It’s been a humbling experience and a proud moment to win especially with such stiff competition. It was also a fantastic opportunity to share the celebrations with Janet King and Julie Hyde from CACHE who have been huge supporters of the PANCo and instrumental in helping us to turn our dream into reality.

“It is absolutely wonderful that the role of PANCo is being recognised on a career map that will appear on the DfE website-very exciting times which really does show an appreciation of the strength from our collaborative work this role is literally on the early years map now!”  Janet King CACHE Senior Subject Specialist Childcare.

More importantly for us it also helps to raise the issue of childhood obesity and highlights the incredible enthusiasm and commitment from our PANCo’s who are making a real difference in their settings and communities up and down the country.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of children, staff and parents and are incredibly proud to have the PANCo Programme recognised in the form of this awards ceremony. Great to find out that judges chose CCP because they felt the initiative Disseminated good practice right to the practitioner, promoting a healthy lifestyle at grassroots level”


About the awards

The Nursery World Awards 2018 is an annual event and represents the most prestigious awards ceremony in the early years sector. The Awards are designed to reward excellence in childcare and to celebrate the very best people in the Nursery Sector. Early Years organisations and professionals face tough competition when they enter these awards, with over 1,000 entries being received this year. The finalists and winners are determined by an expert panel of judges who represent a wide range of professions and organisations from across the early years sector.


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